Monday, 9 January 2017

On being kind to ourselves

I love Instagram. It's the only social media outlet that I have ever felt vaguely comfortable with, which I think has something to do with the fact that images are the main communication tool: there's context, beauty, meaning.

I've noticed, though, that a lot of people have expressed worry that they feel a lack of motivation since the new year. As though a new year, in itself, should be a reason to get up and go, go, go. I feel it, too. And it's a strange feeling: when you are self-employed – when you're actually fortunate enough to be able to do your favourite thing, every day, and call it your job – it's easy to feel ungrateful and disconcerted when you don't actually love it every day. But it's still a job; there are good days, bad days, indifferent days. Days when you feel lucky, exhilarated – and ones when you don't.

I started to think, last week, that this was ok; I'm going to try to be kinder to myself about it and I hope others will, too. I hope we will tell ourselves that just because this or that week doesn't feel easy, it doesn't mean we've suddenly lost our way or our creativity. Two weeks away is a long time, and it's hard to go at full speed right from the off. Writing lists helps me: planning and scheming for the next week, breaking things down into 10-minute jobs and project-by-project tasks.

Today is a new day, a new week – let's go.

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