Friday, 5 June 2015

Found Things, Friday...

Ah, Friday...

In keeping with the current temps, I'm coveting this pretty print for my baby girl's bedroom...

'Ice Cream' archival print (8x10 inches), £16, Kelly Ventura at Etsy

And, ever on the lookout for beautiful ceramics, I adore these moody blues by Broste Copenhagen (a pair of the beaker-style mugs would do nicely for morning coffees on our sunny patio).

'Nordic Grey' ceramics, by Broste Copenhagen, from £6, Royal Design
I'm considering adding this beauty to my cushion collection; the citrus stripe stops it feeling too saccharine and I do like a hit of yellow in a room.

'Mellow Square' cushion cover, by Broste Copenhagen, £17, Royal Design

Last up, these chic twin-tone lampshades – painted in shades from Little Greene's gorgeous paint collection – would look good in a range of different rooms. I like the idea of a pair of them hung on flex either side of a bed as reading lights...

'Twin Tone' lamp shades, £65 each, Lane

Happy weekend! x

Friday, 22 May 2015

Found Things, Friday...

Happy Friday, folks!

Well, if it isn't almost peony season. So beautiful, so brief. I always remember my mother saying her wedding bouquet was one of the loveliest things she'd ever seen, and mine – all blowsy sherbert pink peonies and white sweet peas – was no different. We're on the cusp of summer and I couldn't be happier.

I've been thinking about garden studio spaces this week. These excellent tacks from nu:interieur would be just the thing for pinning up inspiration.

Moroccan rugs. Some things are a cliche because they're that good. These add texture and movement and a splash of interest to eclectic modern schemes. Go vintage at SCP or brand spanking new at West Elm.

Finally, Superfront is an amazing Swedish company doing for Ikea furniture fronts what Pretty Pegs does for their legs (though Superfront also does a neat line in legs and handles, too). Absolute genius. Best seen here (and in the snap below), in Holly Marder's (of Avenue Lifestyle) new – and utterly gorgeous – studio space...

Happy {long} weekend! x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Keep It Simple

In this, Atlanta Bartlett’s fourth book (and her second with husband Dave Coote), we get a proper peek at the method behind her elegantly relaxed look.

I was sold at the first line: “[This] is not a book about a decorating style but a way of life … creating a relaxed and happy home encompasses so much more than just the look of a place.” To me, that is the essence of what the best houses are: not clinical rooms created solely solely for the pages of magazines, but real spaces where real lives happen. Not perfect, necessarily, just ... right.

Divided into three manageable sections – ‘The Simple Mindset’, ‘Making it Happen’ and ‘Living the Dream’ – each one broken down into smaller nuggets of information, this is a book to be consumed slowly, absorbing the ‘simple’ philosophy as you do so.

The book begins with two personal obsessions of mine: decluttering and storage. I firmly believe that no matter what your tastes are, a room can never be restful or beautiful (regardless of how you define those words), if it’s too full of stuff. But, in a way, this needs to go hand-in-hand with a change of mindset – by not accumulating those things in the first place.

‘The Simple Mindset’ addresses these questions ably, demonstrating how, by uncovering the delights of good design; by appreciating the bones of a house and working with them to create honest, characterful rooms; and, ultimately, by paring back to the essentials, it is possible to create a home where you can cook, live, relax, entertain and raise your children in harmony with your surroundings. Sounds pretty good to me.

‘Making it Happen’ is an exercise in how to evaluate the space you have and then how to go about decorating it simply. Ranging from architectural details to colour, via walls, floors, furniture and layout (the latter an essential ingredient in a decorating project, yet one that few books address), it provides a straightforward but beautifully illustrated overview of the process.

‘Living the Dream’ is a room-by-room analysis of every part of the home, from cellar to attic (it even tackles one-room living for those with more modest living quarters), all the while focusing on appealing materials, textures and colours.

It is rare to come across an interiors book that is as concerned with how a space makes you feel as it is with how it looks, yet this is one of the keys to good decorating. For this reason alone, Keep it Simple is a keeper – destined for the bookshelf, not the decluttering pile.

Keep It Simple by Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote (£19.99, Ryland Peters & Small)
All photography by Polly Wreford

Friday, 20 March 2015

Found Things...

With Easter just a couple of short weeks away, I am feeling in need of a major spring clean and clear-out. I need some time to replenish, creatively speaking. And I am increasingly aware of the suffocating effects of ‘stuff’, and am rapidly coming to the conclusion that too many things – even if they are beautifully stored away – are not good for the soul. To this end, this week’s ‘Four things Friday’ is dedicated to the simple, soul-nourishing things I need to do right now…

Get outside {whenever the sun is out} ...

Courtesy of Cereal magazine

Live {contentedly, with less} ...

Courtesy of Stadshem

Make {this DIY copper wall hanging} ...

Courtesy of Smitten Studio

Eat {the ultimate brownies} ...

Courtesy of Handle the Heat

Does the turn of the seasons encourage you to renew and refresh? I'd love to hear!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

All the spring flowers...

With more than a hint of spring in the air, I've been incredibly inspired and uplifted this week by all the images of glorious blooms over on Pinterest. Tulips, peonies (aah, always peonies!), ranunculus, fat-stemmed hyacinths, muscari, anenomes, lilac, early roses ... the list of my favourites goes on. Here are some floral finds that I am particularly in love with...

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

And, for more floriferous eye candy, here is my 'Spring' Pinterest board, if you'd like to see!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Found Things...

Just this week, I discovered Avenue Lifestyle, a pretty perfect blog written by design journalist and stylist Holly Marder (I loved this post from last January, where the image below comes from). She also writes Homes with Heart, a monthly column for decor8, which I suppose I shall also have to start reading... *sigh*

Image by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle

I also came across Emma Block's work recently ... she is such a talented illustrator: look at these super-chic ladies! You can buy Emma's beautiful archival prints from her Etsy shop, here. Love.

From Emma Block's 'Orla Keily AW14' series

Something pretty to hang? These bronze nails would be super-sweet for necklaces or gathered things. I have some Scottish shells and tiny pinecones on a length of string that they would be perfect for...

Equilateral bronze nails by Winsome Brave

And finally, the loveliest kokeshi doll in my favourite shade of rosy coral pink – coming soon to a little girl's nursery near you? (Ok, me, haha.)

Happy weekend!